CIRCLE Launches Informational Webpages

CIRCLE researchers have been working hard to identify the causes of childhood leukemia for many years. Through their efforts – as well as the efforts of the investigators from the Childhood Leukemia International Consortium – much progress has been made! To share some important and exciting lessons from this research CIRCLE has launched three colorful new informational webpages designed to help protect children from leukemia.

Rosa and Carlos Plan a Family

‘Rosa and Carlos Plan a Family’ is an informational webpage that follows a young couple as they prepare to have a child. Raising a healthy child begins before the pregnancy and the five infographics featured on the page emphasize that it is important to start protecting a child’s health before s/he is even conceived. Topics covered include the risk of smoking before conception and the benefit of taking a prenatal multivitamin with folic acid very early in the first trimester.

The webpage relies on adaptive web design to show the infographics in a variety of formats for different screen sizes, including mobile devices.

Because Latino children are at the greatest risk for leukemia, CIRCLE is eager to reach the Latino community with these messages – so these webpages can be viewed in English or Spanish.

Carlos counts, too! Fathers play an important role in protecting children from leukemia, starting before conception and continuing into childhood.

All of the tips for protecting children from leukemia that are provided on the webpage are based on rigorous scientific research; however, the characters are fun and relatable and the story-telling is engaging.

Dirty Little Secrets About House Dust

The dust that settles in our homes may seem harmless, but ‘Dirty Little Secrets’ explains that house dust can actually be harmful to your family’s health.  In a series of three short videos, this webpage lays out the hazards of house dust contaminated by toxic chemicals and shares tips to avoid exposure to chemicals in the home. The story is related by five-year-old Eleanor, who learned about house dust from her dad, an environmental health scientist.

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