Rosa and Carlos Plan a Family

Raising a healthy child begins before the pregnancy. Follow along as Rosa and Carlos prepare to have a family. What changes should they make to protect their child’s health? We provide the answers with a series of easy-to-understand infographics. All the information is available in English and Spanish.

Dirty Little Secrets About House Dust

House dust seems harmless and easy to clean; but, dust can actually be hazardous to your health! Watch a series of videos featuring five-year-old Eleanor, as she shares what she’s learned about dust from her dad, an environmental scientist.

A Story of Health

One goal of the CIRCLE Community Outreach and Translation Core is to communicate research findings to the broader community, including to parents who want to know more about the causes of childhood leukemia and find out ways to prevent it.  One great resource for this information is A Story of Health, a multi-media eBook that explains key concepts of children’s environmental health through fictional case studies.

Love in the Time of Toxicants

How and where we live, work, and socialize influence our health every day of our lives. Healthy built environments, good nutrition, regular exercise, positive social interaction, and avoidance of toxic exposures can help create the conditions for health across the lifespan. The shadow-puppet-theater project, “Love in the Time of Toxicants” creates awareness of the role of pre-conception and prenatal environmental factors on the development of childhood leukemia and encourages young adults and prospective parents to learn more about safe practices and products to reduce environmental exposures and enhance lifelong health for themselves and for their children.

Rosa and Carlos Get Married

This 16-page graphic novel tells the story of a young couple, Rosa and Carlos, who are engaged to be married. Rosa’s mother, Ana, who is a nurse, and her friend, Amy, offer the couple advice about how to avoid environmental toxicants that may pose risks to the young couple before conception and during pregnancy, and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The fotonovela is available in both English and Spanish, online and in hard copy. To download the graphic novel free, or for more information go to


Our newsletter is a great way for parents to stay up-to-date on our research findings and to learn about their practical implications for families.  The newsletter is available in English and Spanish.  Click the icon to the right to subscribe to the newsletter.

Risk Factors

Exposure to a variety of common household agents may increase a child’s risk for leukemia.  Using our interactive and animated tool, parents can learn more about potential risk factors for childhood leukemia that can be found in the home.


Parents can hear about CIRCLE research findings directly from our investigators on YouTube.  Several short informational videos can be viewed here.  Click the icon to the right to start watching.

Other Resources

Other helpful information is available via the Resources tab.  There you can find:

  • The latest news from CIRCLE
  • Upcoming events involving CIRCLE investigators
  • A list of CIRCLE publications with a link to each article
  • Links to factsheets on environmental exposures that are relevant to childhood leukemia are provided from trusted sources such as the Center for Disease Control and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

CIRCLE strives to provide helpful resources to parents.